When it comes to choosing the right early childhood education for your child, it may appear as though there are many choices. However, STEM Montessori Academy, located in Hillsborough, New Jersey, is markedly different from traditional and common public education offerings.

Common public education does not prepare children for higher levels of education or success after education in the real world.

The biggest problems with common public education include:

  • A Misguided and Standardized Approach: The public education system is beholden to strict state standards and guidelines that force teachers to constantly assess children through the use of quizzes and tests, ignoring the development of the child as a unique and creative individual.
  • Lack of a Creative Learning Environment: Public education operates on tight budgets that result in dull and uncreative learning environments. Children sit in bland classrooms devoid of color and stimulating visuals. Desks are often arranged in dehumanizing rows that do not allow children to move about freely and learn by doing.
  • Failure to Meet STEM Standards: As science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, becomes increasingly more important in the modern era of technology, public schools are still behind the times, operating on antiquated curriculums that are not modernized in order to prepare children for a technological future.

Fortunately, Montessori schools like STEM Montessori Academy, utilize the Montessori and Reggio inspired approach, which places focus on individual learning at the child’s pace. This allows children to learn naturally, creatively, and freely, through:

  • A Focus on Elegance and Civility: Students are constantly interacting with their peers in a caring fashion, allowing them to become kind members of the classroom and society.
  • An Emphasis on the Individual: At STEM Montessori Academy, students are encouraged to think and work both creatively, independently, and collaboratively, in order to build self-confidence and foster emotional and cognitive development.
  • A Modern and STEM Focus: STEM Montessori Academy prepares students for the future, allowing them to gain strong skills in STEM fields, ultimately enabling them to become the leaders, thinkers, and doers, of tomorrow.