3 Benefits of Reading to Your Children:

Boosts Their Language Skills

Reading to your children allows them to increase their vocabulary about a variety of new and different topics. Although most basic words they can learn through daily conversation, those words are often repetitive and limited. Reading books allows them to learn new words about topics that wouldn’t naturally come up in daily life and basic conversation. The more words a child knows, the better off they are and reading is an easy way to help increase the vocabulary and phrases your child feels comfortable using and understanding. Research has shown that the impact of reading on a child’s vocabulary and language skills lasts for over four years into their elementary years.

Enhances Imagination and Creativity

In the age of technology taking over basic tasks, previously completed by people, creativity and the ability to think outside the box are becoming more than just valuable skills- they’re becoming a necessity. When we read a book, we imagine the setting in our head as reality, we imagine what the character’s look like and how they act. We create new worlds and we bring the words on a page, into alternate realities in our heads. Having children guess what will happen on the next page or seeing their faces light up when they guessed correctly is more than just fun- it is fostering a skill that they will need for their entire lives.

Books are a Form of Entertainment

It is impossible to escape the new technological reality of TV, smartphones, iPads, and video games. It seems as if the term entertainment has become synonymous with giving all your attention to a screen and checking out of reality. With our busy lives, it’s often easier to just give your child your phone or sit them down in front of a TV. We often forget that books and reading can be a form of entertainment, especially for our young children. Reading a good book to your child, especially about a topic that they find interesting, or even having them flip through the pages on their own, can be the most productive and beneficial form of entertainment. There have been so many proven negative impacts of a lot of screen time and reading books provides a way to not only avoid those negatives, but expose your child to a world of benefits.