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About Montessori Heritage

To be a parent is to want the best for your child. But is your child’s current daycare or preschool allowing them to become their best selves? Our preschool is in a state of the art building, has strict cleanliness standards, incredible and well-trained teachers, an unparalleled method of teaching, and follows an authentic Montessori curriculum. An environment like ours is what your child deserves and is one best catered to help them achieve success. Enrolling is simple, give us a call (281) 763-0453 or stop by, fill out some forms, and your child could be in class tomorrow.

Our school follows the Montessori method of teaching, designed to cater to the individual education and personal needs of every child. Our mixed age classrooms, hands on learning, authentic materials and curriculum all reflect the educational philosophy. Montessori Heritage is the ideal location to kick start your child’s education and set them up for a lifetime of educational and personal success.

Why we are different?

Our enrichment programs are designed to complement the other aspects of your child’s education. Our STEM focused activities work in tandem with the Montessori curriculum and create a unique environment that fosters creativity, education, and create a deep love of learning in every child.

Every activity your child does during the school day has an educational twist – yes especially the fun ones! Going outside includes nature exploration or the application of real-world skills like gardening. We want every child to access the full benefits of the Montessori program and our preschool programs so we are always going above and beyond to make sure learning is around every corner.

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Our educational programs are designed to cater to every child’s individual educational needs.