As summer quickly approaches, you may be looking for some fun activities to do with your child and family outside the house. With the nicer weather comes the chance to explore the outdoors and learn about nature and the environment. This is exactly why at STEM Montessori Academy, outdoor nature activities are an integral part of our curriculum, allowing children to naturally explore and wonder in the great outdoors. Here is a glimpse into a few of the activities we engage our children in, that you can also expand to your own home.

Bug Hunting:

Insects and small creatures often fascinate children, and going on a scavenger hunt for them allows children to embrace the natural explorer in themselves. Children can go on “bug hunts” with magnifying glasses and small cages in order to study and inquire about the great creates they find roaming in their own backyards.

Create Art with Nature:

The outdoors is filled with many objects that can be turned into beautiful and intriguing art displays. Children can gather rocks of different colors, shapes, and sizes and decorate them. Decoration ideas include using paint, glitter, googly-eyes, and different art mediums in order to create a variety of eye-popping rocks that are each unique and interesting to look at and handle. This activity can improve both the inquisition skills of children, as well as allow their creativity and cognitive abilities to further develop.

Jewelry From Nature:

Children can spend time collecting different types of flowers and plants in order to make creative and beautiful pieces of nature inspired jewelry. This allows them to utilize their problem solving and fine motor skills to create intricate pieces of wearable art.