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The Montessori Method of education is popular with many Montessori schools everywhere. In a Montessori school, the kids choose the task they want to work on, provoked by their natural curiosity in an environment specially prepared for their intellectual development. If daycare is the route you take for child care, enroll your child with us.

Our enrichment programs are designed to complement the other aspects of your child’s education. Our STEM focused activities work in tandem with the Montessori curriculum and create a unique environment that fosters creativity, education, and create a deep love of learning in every child.


Our Educational Programs

Our educational programs are designed to cater to every child’s individual educational needs.

Elements of Learning. Committed to Excellence

Our school follows the Montessori method of teaching, designed to cater to the individual educational and personal needs of every child. Our mixed age classrooms, hands on learning, authentic materials and curriculum all reflect the educational philosophy. A Montessori nursery puts children in age-appropriately prepared learning environments where they can freely choose the activities they want to do.

Montessori Heritage is the ideal location to kick start your child’s education and set them up for a lifetime of educational and personal success.


Healthy Food for Growing Children

We all know about the benefits of healthy eating habits and proper nutrition. We believe that it is important to cultivate the understanding of proper nutrition from the young age and pay a lot of attention to that in our daily routine.
Our meal plan provides our students with multiple  healthy options, including a vegetarian one. We make sure that during the school day your children enjoy wholesome and delicious meals.

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Montessori Heritage employs the Montessori method of teaching which we pair with our Art and Engineering program.


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    Our educational programs are designed to cater to every child’s individual educational needs.


    What Students Parents Say...

    …The teachers send daily reports which is a great tool in giving us updates on her daily activities. But the best thing I can say is that the environment is loving and safe. I leave my daughter knowing she would have a wonderful time and be taught by Montessori certified teachers who are patient and caring. I recommend to all parents this is the school you can leave your children with full confidence.

    My child loves it there. I’ve seen so much improvement in his language and social skills. He’s been exposed to several life skills that has made him very independent.
    The curriculum is broad and focuses on different cultures which I love. My child is being taught Spanish, French, Hindi.”

    We registered our daughter back in early June. I am so happy we did; she’s learning something new every day. The teachers and owner are amazing and very professional, they are always available to hear you. Our daughter is so happy to attend school everyday thanks to the entire team…

    The teachers and staff are amazing! They are so caring, and warm. I remember being so anxious the first day dropping my baby off. He cried and I cried. The teachers hugged us both as we cried and assured me that everything would be ok.
    I left with the assurance that my child would be fine based on the compassion they had shown me while I was very sad to leave him.

    The school is always clean and provides a safe environment for your kids and the staff really treats you as family. (They’ve asked about my husband when they haven’t seen him in a while) which shows their caring nature.

    My daughter has attended since last year and has grown so much from the experience. All of the staff is friendly, caring, and patient. When she first started, she barely talked and was not disciplined…

    Now she has no problems expressing herself and surprises me everyday with the new things she learned.


    We welcome you to stop by anytime for a tour of our school!